Meet Justine

You know when you are at high school?  You can’t sing, you can’t dance, and you struggle to draw a stick man? You don’t have a creative bone in your body. Your teenage years consists of hanging at the ‘schoolhouse’ in Hasting Street and sunbaking at ‘flat rock’ – which by the way, back in the 80’s felt eons away from Main Beach.

So, I graduate High School and leave Noosa to the ‘big smoke’ of Brisvegas to study to become a High School Teacher. That career took me to Hervey Bay & Tully, a bit of a side-track, and I was suddenly a restaurant owner with my husband in Mission Beach. Our next adventure took us to outback QLD (Charleville). And after an amazing 4 years…The best bit? We came home. Noosa. Albeit the schoolhouse was gone, and I missed the boat on snagging an absolutely phenomenal real estate Noosa investment #bugger.  I still can’t sing. Nor dance in a way that any of my 3 teenage kids would not cringe at. And… I still can’t draw to save myself. But a persistent friend convinced me to join a photo a week online photo challenge and boom – I finally found my creative home. How awesome is photography?

I’m lucky to have grown up in Noosa. I love photographing her - because we all know she is just so damn pretty. Hopefully there is an image in my collection that resonates enough with you, that you will want to hang a little bit of my creative take of her in your own home.

Justine x